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Communicating should still happen to function in our personal lives and make the world go round. Thanks to our digital technolgy, we are able to do so even though we are all social distancing!

Being an NHS Leader--Communication

April 29, 2020


Communication is crucial---it keeps our world, countries, and schools running. On a smaller scale, whenever we share information with others personally or professionally, we have to communicate. In day-to-day interactions, I've learned the importance of the link between body language and verbal discourse, being open-minded and respectful, and utilizing active listening skills. By being Communications Director of the NHS, I hope to make communication between all parties (NHS members, the advisor Mr Wilson, the co-presidents and other NHS leaders) to be as clear and effective as possible. I think sending emails is an efficient way to transmit information, but we need to make emails as specific and thorough as possible. When there is a lack of follow-through with email, it can be frustrating and unmotivating. I want to make sure that NHS members next year feel like they are fully involved in the organization and that they are motivated as members to make a difference in the community. One way that we could pursue this would be to create a separate NHS website containing weekly or monthly updates on the latest projects and meetings. This year, I started volunteering at the Elliot Woods Tuesday Club later in the year because I didn´t know who to contact and where it even took place. A website would be extremely convenient for NHS members looking for new opportunities. Also, I think defining the goals, expectations, and pillars of the NHS is important to developing responsibility and accountability as an NHS member. Although this is done through verbal meetings and the ceremony at the beginning of the year, it would be helpful for it to be in writing on a digital platform. 
Another way in which communication is so important is that it encourages collaboration so that a greater impact can be made. There are so many subgroups within the NHS: donation-based groups, gardening at UNC, rake-a-thons, etc. I volunteered consistently within a few projects and groups that I really wanted to help in, which requires responsibility and dedication. However, if we could have the NHS as a body and work together as a whole as well, I think we could achieve so much more. All of us want to help the community in any way we can, so why not combine all of our efforts? Organizing a fundraiser for charities like the Salvation Army, local hospitals, etc would be a great place to start. We could try bake sales, town wide donation drives, and online platforms like GoFundMe. As Director of Communications I would put time and energy into coordinating everyone's schedules and interests in order to make widespread teamwork possible.
Finally, what makes me specifically fit for this role? More than anything else, I think it's my eagerness to help grow the NHS and expand its presence in East Chapel Hill High school and the Triangle. In order from any organization to grow, there has to be consistent and clear channels of communication. I know what it feels like to feel like your voice and opinions are not heard, and how it feels being in the dark about what is happening in a group. I want to make sure that everyone is included in all the volunteer opportunities of the NHS, and that feedback is appreciated and welcomed. As a leader of the NHS my goal would be to serve the needs of members and help them find their place. Because I was Junior Leader at the UNC Hospital Volunteer program and President of the Anti Bullying Club, I have experience with helping others boost their morale and organizing activities driven by teamwork. In conclusion, I'm confident that I can aid in NHS decision-making next year by being a positive role model and nurturing constructive communication.
Thank you for taking the time to read my essay, and for making NHS at our school possible!


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