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Message to Readers

go ahead and read the footnote to know the background behind this poem if you're interested. feedback is appreciated, and thanks for reading.

i hope you are all doing well:) enjoy the lovely sunset this evening.

i'll ride my blue bike into the sun if it means beauty

April 29, 2020



watch the sun go down,
know this,
that I know nothing,
not any more than you.
run away.
i have to leave.
i have to ride,
my blue bike
matching with
my most beloved sisters
who i see,
every day,
beginning to flinch from
light. Instead,
they see

Look at me,
you, yes
driving down the street.
are my bare shoulders,
and bare wrists,
and bare feet
more so,
than them?
oh, my sisters,
young and alive,
so am i.
but their smiles say,
“you look at me.
you love me now.”

i let them ride
in front,
pass me,
foolish girls.
I will be the one
to take a car,
straight into the side
of my blue bike,
so that yours would
just like your face.

do you see me now?
you with your tires spinning,
tinted windows,
i can’t meet your eyes.
do you hear me?
what about my plea,
for just one second,
that you would stare
at my golden hour skin,
and think that i am
just before
you drive away.
i know nothing,
but i know this:
you will forget me,
and i will spend my life
i've been taking bike rides with my sisters every evening, usually during golden hour. there's this one hill that is at the end of our route that seems to go on forever until it's just gone. i love riding with them, but their metabolisms haven't slowed down yet, and even if i ate nothing, they'd still be skinnier than me (disclaimer, i said that for the metaphor not as if i have or will actually try that). when i start coasting down that hill, at least one car always drives past me, and so... this is all to say that i truly feel this way.

i hope you are all doing well:) enjoy the lovely sunset this evening. 


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  • Samina

    So relatable

    26 days ago
  • Emi

    Man, I totally relate to this. Except even though my sisters are skinnier than me and fast I'm still stronger because of being sturdier.

    3 months ago
  • BeTheChange18

    Just incredible!

    5 months ago
  • ElsaRee


    6 months ago
  • joella

    this is so sweet! love it :)

    6 months ago