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Words are very powerful. You could either make someone or break them. Always be aware of what you say and how you say it. I believe words are from the heart, not the brain.

No matter what people say about your writing, if it's a passion of yours, just you keep writing and improving.

Tears, Laughter, Smiles

April 29, 2020


I lay on my back on the soft, warm sand,
like the golden sun turned to dust,
gazing up at the night sky,
dotted with a billion stars, 

The sounds of the ocean fills my ears,
so soothing and peaceful,
but the reason for my smile,
is a special person I'm thinking about,

You're a rose to be cherished,
a mighty eagle that flies free,
a protective, strong bear,
a warrior with battle scars,

I love each and every scar,
for they show what you've overcome,
they are a mark of your bravery,
your inner strength knows no end,

You're beautiful,
externally and internally,
a prince in my eyes,
someone who steals my breath away,

I love how genuine and sincere you are,
your heart lays bare and vulnerable,
yet shielded and veiled,
you're a puzzle I want to be part of,

You make me smile,
your sweet words warm my heart,
makes me feel melt inside,
makes me feel special,

You make me laugh,
to the point where my belly aches,
ah, your sweet sense of humour,
I can't stop laughing,

You make me cry,
what you've gone through,
no one with a heart like yours deserves,
you're a beautiful soul that leaves me breathless,

So many emotions run through me,
I don't know what to say,
you're one in a billion,
you're so rare,

Amazing, special,
precious, beautiful,
don't even begin to describe you,
there are no words that give you justice,

I could write a hundred books,
about how much you make a difference,
in this dark world,
you're a beacon of light,

You've brightened my life,
I hope you never leave,
I'll appreciate you always,
be your best friend,

We'll enjoy the cool nights together,
under the stars,
we'll tell our stories,
share our hopes, dreams and fears,
tears, laughter, smiles,

I'll be your shoulder to cry on,
darling, you can lean on me,
I'll protect you in whatever way I can,
I'll do anything and everything for you,

We could spend eternity like this,
you there for me,
me there for you,
I hope we'll stay this way forever,

Oh, there you go again,
you've got my heartbeat quickening,
one minute, I'm smiling and laughing,
the next, I'm crying,

Our dazzling nights,
will be filled with joy and happiness,
pain and sorrows,
caused by the world,

Yes, our nights will be,
tears, laughter, smiles,

I'll go to sleep feeling peace like I've never known before,
I'll wake up feeling so good,
and that's all because of someone incredibly special,

I meant every single word. No words give you justice. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I'm being serious. Never doubt yourself because I see someone so special and precious. I'm here for you, always.


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  • Tushar Mandhan

    This is so special. I'm loving every poem of yours.

    6 months ago
  • Two Heartbeats

    I don't even know where to start. I can't go into your poetry without pointing out what a beautiful thoughtful person you are. Nobody's ever done that for me. You are a rush of every positive body flowing in and out of my body and I wish you didn't live on Antarctica ( XD) because I would give you a long tearful meaningful hug first just to reward myself for knowing you and then a long one for every time I haven't been there for your pain. You're magical. The amazing mix of warrior and dreamer. I love it.

    6 months ago