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April 27, 2020


"Selena, where are you going? I thought you said you were going to do your homework."
Selena halted on her way to the door, turning on one heel to face her father. "I'm just going to walk a little in the woods. I'll be back soon."
He tilted his head downward and raised his eyebrows, giving the girl a look that said 'yeah, right'.
"Okay, I promise I will actually get something done today. I just want to walk a little first."
Her dad sighed. "Just a short one. This is getting a little ridiculous."
"Thank you. I promise." Selena slipped on her teal and white sneakers and pushed the door open to go outside, closing it quietly behind her. Then she sauntered behind the house to the woods. It was quiet out, but not too quiet. There were lots of birds fluttering around that afternoon.
Selena wandered along the trail until she spotted her favorite spot. off the trail a little ways was a nice rock ledge over a creek, which was always a nice hang out spot. Selena stepped cautiously off the trail, pushing sticks and branches out of the way as she headed for the rock.
Step after step - "Aagk!" she yelped as the forest scenery flashed and gave way to a violet desert. She stood there, shocked. The desert was empty, it seemed, but it was hard to tell with all the shimmering heat waves.
She took a little step back, and was immediately  greeted with a small, brilliant red creature jumping in her face. Selena shrieked and fell backwards, abruptly arriving back in her home forest. She panted on the foliage - covered ground for a while.
"Okay!" she said, "I should go get back to my homework!"


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  • Ree Sethu


    over 1 year ago
  • Juniper

    oooo, I really like this!!!

    over 1 year ago