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Why I can't forget you. PART 3

July 29, 2020


        After the Pani Puri date, we became friends and only friends. The next morning Dan's grandmother visited my mother to ask whether I could teach him MATHS.

       I was a nerd and he hated studies. I could spend hours studying but he never studied.  His grandmother requested me if I was good at math. He was very weak at it. I readily agreed to give him tuitions. I was ready to give him lessons only because I liked math otherwise nothing else. The time was fixed. Every day at 6 pm. Usually, he never agrees to go to tuition but surprisingly this time he agreed. All that was over his mind was that he could meet me without any restrictions.

       I was eager as well as overbrimming with happiness. I think days became so long that I was longing for 6 pm. At 5 I dressed in my best frock. It was violet with pretty flowers all over. I then combed my hair into a new hairstyle. My sister was wondering if I had got crazy as I never made anything except two puffy nerdy braids with oil smudged over. But today I was different. I picked up my sister's eyeliner and used it. I took my lovely smelling perfume and spread on my fresh clothes. The smell was unexpressible. In all this hurry I forgot that I had to teach. I took out my MATH NCERT TB. I loved that textbook. Each page had memories associated with it. I spent most of my days and nights with that textbook.

        He entered my house with his so-called empty notebook in one hand and flowers in another. He wasn't much excited about math but something else. Come on who wears a new white Shirt to maths tuition. He wore polished white shoes, black jeans. Before entering my room he asked permission from my mother. He knocked in and my heart beat faster. As soon as I opened the door, Lo behold! I was going to burst into laughter. He was formally dressed and with flowers. I laughed and asked if that is how we enter math tuition. was very strict while teaching others but today I tried to be my softest. He handed me the flowers and told “ Phool for a fool!”. I warned him neither to play jokes on me nor butter me.

I instructed, “ Open page 1 of chapter 2.”

He opened his book.

I asked him, “ Till where do you know?”

He replied, “ I know till how to find someone's Ex”.

I burst out(not because it was funny but to sarcastically show it wasn't) and replied, “ These lame jokes won’t work here. Concentrated ...”

He immediately replied, “ On what? You or textbook.”

I smiled slightly shouting “ It would be better if you could concentrate on the textbook.”
e pretended to be putting his full concentration. But I am sure that his eyes looked somewhere else. I looked at the question and he looked at me. Forgetting everything he gazed in my eyes. Lost in them. I snapped my finger.
Dan replied "Wow! you gave me a nickname without asking me. Call me anything I will love it."
Distracting him from getting distracted I asked “I explained one page, do you have any doubts?”

“Ah! I have very serious doubts. Oh wait, isn't looking so good a crime. If it was then won't you be a criminal.”

Shh, I put my finger on his lips. Oh God! I touched his soft pearly lips. I could feel my finger melt. I won't wash my hands now. Suddenly returning to the moment I lifted my fingers. Turning my head left and right to confirm that no one saw me. Concealing my feelings and hiding my expressions I replied
"..Better concentrate or I will complain to your mother.”

“Ok.” He replied nonchalantly. He was distracted by the touch.

I changed the topic. “I will give you a few questions to solve and I will be right back.” After telling this I went to the washroom. OH MY GOD! His lips were driving me crazy. Trying my best to control my feelings, I headed back.

“ So what is the answer you got. Tell me in numbers”. I exclaimed with expressing showing nothing happened.

“I will tell the answer only when you tell me your number”. Dan exclaimed with a naughty mood.

“ ok deal.If you concentrate I will surely give you my number.” I signed thinking at least he will study, for NUMBER'S SACK!

“Then the answer is 10, right? I will answer the decimals only if you would come over to my place for coffee.” Dan's face was blushing. He was bad at hiding emotions and I was good at reading his mind.

“Ok! But, but, but you have to concentrate.” I acted strictly but my heart softened.

He purposely annoyed me with his silly jokes and flirty lines.

I exclaimed,“ Today’s class is over”

He sighed “ I started liking math now. I want to study more and teach me, please. I will probably complete the whole book today.”

“Nah, get lost. I know how much you like math just as much as the ELEPHANT can fly. Does that even make sense? I am going crazy teaching you.”

“I know everything that you say makes sense! Those midnight eyes will never lie, feels like the night is dark, dark enough to get lost in them. Now number and coffee?”

Dan's random poetry makes me fall for him.
“ I will see. If you do your HW.” I pretended to show less interest.

I forced him to leave now as it was late.
That night Dan was on his terrace and played his guitar, pretending that no one was watching. But I was looking from my tiny window as his eyes sparkled in the moonlight. He quoted these words of my Shayari which he overheard me reciting.
Word count 996
DATE UPDATED 17-7-2020
Phool in Hindi is a flower.
Ncert is the official textbook for the CBSE board.


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  • Sanjana Sunilkumar

    Ah, mujhe paagal hotha hai! Well, is that right?

    2 months ago
  • V-Rose

    OH MY STARS!! She touched his lips! This is an amazing revision! I fell even more in love with this piece than I did before and that is near impossible!

    5 months ago