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volume of a sphere

May 13, 2020



i never memorized the volume
of those damned spheres during my geometry
years when we solved word problems regarding those
loser kids buying twenty watermelons to
share with their six people family but could only
hold them in a hundred and eighty (point 2-but round up) pound
water tower that if a tightrope was pulled down the middle
it'd measure twenty nine meters across.
(why didn't people ever make fun of them?)
there's a reason something so useless never stuck
around in my mind; yet, somehow i get yelled
out for never studying this equation the teacher
claims is 
(she'll draw it out and you'll notice her
accent from the country "i've been teaching for 
forty years and nothing can stop me")
i m p o r t a n t.
and by her fourth unneeded syllable 
i'd turn around and whisper to my best friend-
who's not there but back some thousands miles
away in my home town; she says
it's my fault i moved away,
but i wrap those words up and hand them to my father
(every damn day, this pain's 'cause of you)
so math sucks just as much
as missing the place you grew up or perhaps
much worse, since math follows you
to your (god-awful) school and laughs at you
by the sound of a red pen writing the 
letter 'D' on that retake math test you took yesterday during
sixth period while wearing your favorite earrings.
(irony: you're ex-lover name started with that letter)
that's why most night now you sit in your room
alone, thinking needless thing and writing about
tragedies, and just praying that everyone's
remembered in their prime, so when you die people only know
of your childish times, back in that one story
house with three people too many and four 
dollars too short, but with memories galore.
lowercase intentional.
Finished: 4/27/2020

disclaimer: kinda true story
another disclaimer: i love my dad and i don't really blame him (okay kinda a little, but more his job since that's what made us move)
tbh: we didn't get retakes when i was in geometry, so.....i was.....doomed....
tbh ii: this is a blues (ish) story, so yeah. if you liked it, i wrote a prose piece blues (ish) story a while ago. i'll put the link here, just in case you wanna check it out, but really you don't have too: your hug was everything i needed, it was better than the words: 'i love you'
p.s: V=4/3πr^3 (i looked it up, of course)

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  • Wisp

    OH MY FREAKING GOSH!!!! YES! SOMEONE NEEDED TO SAY IT! In fifth grade, my teachers made me memorize all the equations for area, volume, and whatever else I’m forgetting. The irony is that during the years they’ve sorta disappeared from my mind. Pointless I feel unless you intend to have a job involving mathematics.
    I really like the momentum in this piece, it flows beautifully and everything just fits right.
    “loser kids buying twenty watermelons to
    share with their six people family but could only
    hold them in a hundred and eighty (point 2-but round up) pound
    water tower that if a tightrope was pulled down the middle
    it'd measure twenty nine meters across.”
    This right here is the embodiment of all my math problems and I am adoring it.
    (Side note: I read an article once where someone argued over having math and having literature. In our viewpoints, literature builds character and empathy. But in the other viewpoint, math builds understanding and rigor or something like that. So I guess math isn’t as bad as we perceive it at times. I still kinda have this conflicting relationship with it though.)

    3 months ago
  • mia_:)

    Hey! Just wanted to let you know that it'll be a while for my Q&A, with all the prizes I need to get out for my comp and just school in general. I know you were looking forward to them and I worked on it a little today, so we're making progress, baby! *claps* So, yeah, just a heads-up!

    8 months ago
  • amazing grace

    Please comment and tell me what piece you would like reviewed you get one.

    9 months ago
  • mia_:)

    Replying: Haha, working on it! Super close to finishing! Can't wait for the answers to your q&a too! :D

    9 months ago
  • mia_:)

    Replying: Oh my gosh! My heart just totally melted when I read the sweet comment you wrote on my piece! I idolize you so much as a writer and it means so much to me that you'd write something like that! Thanks! Btw, your work rocks! :D <3

    9 months ago
  • musiphant

    this is so beautiful! I love the style and I love the premise and I just love how beautiful and raw it is and I think it's amazing!

    9 months ago
  • jaii

    i was loving the humorous beginning then it turned sad and i'm still loving it... not loving your pain, but loving this poem. stay strong my friend *hugs*

    i think it is also relevant that it took me seven tries to spell humourous (yup, that's how my brain wants to spell it); the true brain of a writer

    9 months ago
  • mia_:)

    This reminded me of this shirt my sister has. It says: Math. The only place where someone buys 69 watermelons and no one wonders why. I love all the personal details you put in this! Another great piece!

    9 months ago