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"half of me is ocean. half of me is sky."

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the art of entity

April 27, 2020



i press hope between the folds of an egg-shell box,
press life in the creases of chiseled cardboard strands
stretched beneath shards of
strawberry-Popsicle stains  --
the residue of sticky summer dreams smeared
bubblegum-pink cross blue-jeans.

i press love through the ringlets of a dandelion necklace,
weave memories through metal and 
watch as the sun shimmies its rays through the
window-panes and laughs 
at the butterscotch glow it mirrors,
the floured hands that grasped its light,
wore tendrils of gold
before i did.

i press courage through the ocean's eyes,
roll persistence past obsidian-stroked shells 
dipped in saltwater and fish-blood,
specks of rhubarb and salmon berries and
fiddle heads and ink clotting acid into 
the earth.

i press hope to the peels of my fingertips,
shower love in in the wisps of my hair,
sprinkle courage on the ends of my toes and
smile as the the world waves back in rays of
strawberry-butter sunlight and mustard-soaked
waves for despite the oblivion that coats its ground
it keeps on spinning and spinning and
Each stanza represents an object that plays a role in my life/means something to me -- many of them are pretty abstract but some of them not so much. In the last stanza I tried to tie all of the metaphors that tether from these objects together. I hope you enjoy!


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  • sunny.v

    i’ve said everything that i could in my peer review, but this piece made me follow you! i’m new to wtw, but i’m definitely looking out for more of your work. your honeyed words and the way you describe simple things and transform them into beautiful pieces of’s really wonderful! i couldn’t tell if i smiled more at your dandelion crown, or the shy beams of sun peeking through the window. it was really delightful how you tied everything together in the last stanza, and it evoked some carefree, gentle feeling in my chest. keep at it!!

    6 months ago
  • Dmoral

    so i've found myself stumbling across your work recently and totally loving what i'm seeing. definitely need to take a look at your published work and follow you so i can keep an eye on your work. because your a gifted writer and i just am left speechless....

    6 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Trying to say something intelligent but I'm speechless

    6 months ago
  • WhispersOfGray

    This is breathtaking, emotional, personal and raw. I love it!

    6 months ago
  • mia_:)

    one word: WOW! This is amazing! "residue of sticky summer dreams smeared
    bubblegum-pink cross blue-jeans" "and rhubarb and salmon berries and
    fiddle heads and ink clotting acid into the earth" are just amazing lines! SOOO GOOD!

    6 months ago