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I remember

July 24, 2016


I remember leaning on the ladder of my loft bed, waiting for an answer on the phone. I remember pacing my backyard, listening to the truth that was hidden from me. I remember laying on the snow, praying to God that it wasn't true. Everyone has moment's in their lives that will be remembered forever, whether you want to or not. They are events that define you. Times that have broken you. I've had my fair share of those moments. Maybe one day I'll grow strong enough to write about them. To write about what broke me. But for now, it comes in flashbacks. A song, a smell, a place will inevitably bring me back to one of these moments. Sometimes I wish they didn't haunt me, sometimes I'm glad they do. It reminds me, in the most painful way possible, that whatever happens, these moments will end. It will be added to my long list of past nightmares, to be reviewed as I lie here alone, to be sought over and remembered. I can close my eyes and be taken back to the times where I thought life shouldn't continue. That maybe I could just lie down and never stand back up. But I always did, and I have no idea why, but I guess i'm glad. I'm glad that these moments are so vivid. I'm thankful that I moved forward and I will always remember the moment I stood up, more fondly then the moment I fell down.


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