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By: Ciera Dowling

While reading the novel "King Leopold's Ghost" my views on more than one thing had slowly altered about certain things that I did not know a lot about previously. I also read as most of the characters were changed by the actions made by Leopold. Every one who was mentioned in this book was changed in one way or another by Leopold, but not a lot of them were changed for the better. Leopold himself is now known for the terrible actions he inflicted upon the Congo and the people inhabiting it, by lying to everyone and making everything seem like it was for a good religious cause when in reality he killed just as many people as Hitler had during the Holocaust. Leopold was someone who only thought about how he could help himself in his life, he didn't worry about the consequences other people had to go through to help him reach his goals. One of the people who went through with almost whatever Leopold said to do is Henry Morton Stanley. Stanley was an explorer of Africa even before Leopold wanted to invade the Congo. When Leopold was looking for an explorer to do all his dirty work he started to hear about Stanley and his work in Africa. Not long after, Stanley was doing all of Leopold's searching for the Congo. Before he was working for Leopold, Stanley loved exploring and mapping routes of his travels, the only thing that really changed about him while working for Leopold was how what he actually explored for and conquered in the Congo.

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