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Words are very powerful. You could either make someone or break them. Always be aware of what you say and how you say it. I believe words are from the heart, not the brain.

No matter what people say about your writing, if it's a passion of yours, just you keep writing and improving.

Sweet Storm

April 25, 2020


Thunder roars angrily,
lightning streaks across the sky fiercely,
the clouds are a dark grey,
the wind howls frightening sounds,
the rain is never ending,

It beats against the windows of houses,
washes away dirt on the roads,
quenches the thirst of plants,
soothes the sad soul sitting by the window,

She is crying,
grief pouring out from her very soul,
her tears as raindrops,
her cries of grief as thunder,

She no longer cares,
simply opens the window,
a mighty gust of wind swirls the room,
soon, there are puddles on the floor,

She does nothing,
merely stands there,
a dripping, wet figure,
her tears melding with the rain,
her sorrowful howls drowned by the storm,

When she cannot bear it any longer,
she falls to her knees,
shivering and full of melancholy,
she screams her pain one last time,

For the rest of the long night,
she stays by the window,
letting the storm soothe her,
letting the raindrops calm her troubled soul,

She closes her eyes and whispers ever so softly,
"Sweet storm... please wash away my suffering..."
for she longs to be free of the terrors that haunt her,
she longs to forget the sorrows of yesterday,
and step into tomorrow fresh and full of joy.


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  • Tushar Mandhan

    You can literally capture scenes with phrases.

    6 months ago
  • Ruthh

    Wow, this is so powerful!

    6 months ago
  • Juniper

    WHOA. . .that’s awesome!!!

    6 months ago