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I wrote this based off of Niall Horan's new album, Heartbreak Weather, and the whole story behind the songs. Enjoy! Love ya all <3
And this is a draft, there may be some ( a lot) of mistakes, so I apologize beforehand!
And I also apologize for republishing this about a million times :/

Heartbreak Weather Chapter 1: Heartbreak Weather

May 14, 2020


Sawyer closed his book with a sigh. School had been out for weeks, yet here he was, rereading his old textbooks instead of socializing. What was the point anymore? All the boys his age were too immature, and none of the girls were interested in him anyways. The ones who were, well, they never lasted for long.
Is love too much to ask for? That’s all Sawyer wanted. Someone to accept all his flaws and turn them into perfections. Someone who brought out the good in him. When will that someone finally come along?
Sawyer slammed his book down with a grumble. He thought he might as well go down to the pub, drink off his feelings. Being drunk helps him deal with loneliness, for a little while at least. Fumbling in his pockets for his keys, he put on his coat, locked his apartment door, and headed out.
“Pint of Guiness please,” Sawyer says, sitting on a stool near the bartender. The man nods and begins to pour his drink. Sawyer tousled his fingers through his hair, thinking about all his failed past relationships and where he had gone wrong.
*flashback to 1 week ago*
“You never pay attention to me Sawyer!”
“Rachel, it’s not my fault I forgot the anniversary of the day before our first kiss!”
“How could you not remember, that was the day you won me a teddy bear from the fair?”
“Oh wow, how stupid of me!”
“YES! YES IT WAS!” And with that, Rachel stormed out of the room. After days and days of not answering Sawyer’s calls and texts, she posted a picture of her with her new boyfriend on Instagram.
*end of flashback*
The bartender brings his drink over and Sawyer chugs most of it in one gulp. Wiping his mouth with his sleeve, he asks for another. And another. Anything to wash his pain away.
“You know, that’s not very good for you.”
Sawyer turns around to see a very pretty woman looking at him, hands on her hips. Sawyer didn’t like it; she looked like she was judging him. “What’s it to you anyway,” Sawyer mumbles in her direction and turns back around. Instead of walking away, however, she sat down in the stool right next to him. Her bright green eyes bore right into his, “Trust me, I’ve seen enough people become alchoholics. Please don’t be one of them.” Sawyer just stared at her in confusion. She just looked back at him with sympathy and sadness, the lights above reflecting little golden flecks in her eyes. Why did she care about him so much? “Look, I don’t have the time for a lecture. I just want to get drunk and forget about life for a bit, okay,” Sawyer said, trying to contain his slight irritation with her. She seemed nice enough, but Sawyer didn’t feel like dealing with girls right now. The woman just gives him a little frown, and turns away to leave. Finally, Sawyer thinks to himself. But before she walks away, she says, “That’s what my brother said the night he drunkenly died in a car crash.” Sawyer looks at her once more to see tears brimming in her eyes. He was suddenly hit with a wave of guilt. Why was he being so rude to this lady? She’s clearly gone through a lot, and she did have a point. He can’t run away from his problems with beer and wine.
“Can I get you a drink?”
The girl turned back around in surprise at his offer. Sawyer felt his cheeks burn red. Why on Earth would he go and say that? Something about her made him feel...different. Was it a good different? He had no idea. Sawyer felt like such an idiot. Obviously she wouldn’t say-
“Sure, thanks. But just one.”
Sawyer gave her a small smile, and she returned it. She hopped up on the stool next to him and they began talking. The whole evening, as they drank together, Sawyer felt something that he had never felt before. The girl, he found out her name was Kaitlyn, was a lot like him in many ways. She was funny, intelligent, and most of all, she was the kindest person he had ever met. Sawyer had convinced himself that he would never find that special someone.
But now, he wasn’t so sure.
All of my life it’s been heartbreak weather
Thinking to myself it won’t get better
It can be so lonely in this city
But it feels different when you’re with me


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    You know what your piece gives a hope to everyone still in heart break weather and I love it

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    This is so good.

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