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black hole

April 26, 2020



caverns of poignancy; the wake in the ache of
small dreams, small pressed feet.
the heart falls prey to innumerable
blows shelled forth by brutish men,
men of chastity and generational violence
blue streaks of fingernail marks in
soft skin, stomach, the valley in the chest.
tunnel vision and the soothing silt 
in graveyards. there is a black hole 
at the end of this tragedy; vast, inky
madness, sheet ice, sickly sweet, 
where the suns die, and all 
sob tales come to an end. 



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  • rainandsonder

    i've never heard a graveyard described as "soothing" before, that's such an interesting use of language. i really love this poem!

    8 months ago
  • OpalDove

    i love this. it's so goooooooooood! MMMMM how do you do it

    9 months ago
  • Dmoral

    "there is a black hole / at the end of this tragedy;"
    ahhh, where the title comes in and makes sense ;)

    "where the suns die, and all / sob tales come to an end. "
    interesting...i love it, favorite lines^^

    9 months ago