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Competition for all! #bitofbliss_□ (Closed :p)

May 14, 2020


Okay. Let's hope this works. I know I probably don't have enough follower count for this, but I don't mind.

I'm hosting this comp because I just wanted to know everybody's doing okay, given the whole pandemic. Besides, school holidays are here so why not?

Okay here's the prompts

Prompt #1
Write about two romantic characters of contrasting social class.

Honestly, I've an unusual fascination over the Royal vs Commoner ship. So, I'd love to see how y'all interpret this prompt! :D

It could literally be a monarch and their guard or classic popular kid in school and the poor misunderstood fellah. Who knows?

Prompt #2
Write about a secret society in our world.

The next thing I can't get enough of. Secret groups of magical people living amongst us. But really, this society doesn't have to have powers. They could be like MIB members or super agents under cover. That's awesome too!

Prompt #3
Magical cats.

To all the cat lovers out there this is for y'all!!

The topic here is fantasy, so get creative! It could be cats with nine actual lives, cats that can grant owners' wishes, anything really.

**major disclaimer, I don't hate dogs. I just find cats more sophisticated.**

That said, here's some rules!!
  1. To be fair, entries must be works published after 24th April. I mean, sure you can publish your entry for other competitions as well but nothing from earlier works.
  2. Word limit for all the prompts: 100-1250 words
  3. Prose and poetry accepted!! :)
  4. Go PG13 people!
  5. If there are any parts that don't match the criterion above or any questions at all, comment them below.[And before anyone asks, yes I don't mind LGBTQ+ for Prompt #1 :)]
  6. one entry per prompt​. I don't mind y'all trying for multiple prompts but just follow that rule.
  7. So long as 3 people entered in one prompt, the competition still goes on.

How to enter
It's pretty simple actually.
  • like the post.
  • tag on your title the #bitofbliss_(prompt number).   E.g. prompt two will be #bitofbliss_2
  • Answer a bonus question in the footnote when/before you submit your entrie(s)
  • Follow me to keep updated. I'll follow you back when you answer the question correctly :). (totally optional ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

So, there'll be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for every prompt. 

1st place 4 reviews of your choosing, 10 likes and comments, a follow.

2nd place 3 reviews of your choosing, 8 likes and comments, a follow.

3rd place 2 reviews of your choosing, 6 likes and comments, a follow.

If there's enough entires, there'll be honourable mentions. But those prizes above are promised.

Due date: May 26th 2359 (US time)
Results out: 1st June 

Have fun writing peeps!
Question and the T&Cs
(basically the entire purpose of the question is to make sure you acknowledge my T&Cs)
  • I have right to eliminate you if you break the rules and don't surface this to me. (don't worry I'll warn you once first.)
  • Try staying politically correct where applicable. It's just the way I operate things.
  • That said, I won't tolerate plagiarism. (Believe me, I know it when I see it.)
  • No cheating! If you found a prompt off the internet, tell me.
Okay, here's the question ^-^
How many Chinese zodiacs are there in total? Is the cat one of them?
(Just Google it if you have to. It just makes me happy if you can answer the question. hahah)


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  • Charisse Marison

    And, to answer your question, there are 12! Also, no kitties (sadly). This year is the year of the rat, which is probably why it sucks so bad XD

    8 months ago
  • Charisse Marison

    Definitely gonna try! Think I'll do Prompt 3, because I am a TOTAL cat lover :3

    8 months ago
  • Westley

    There are 12 Chinese zodiacs, the cat is not one of them, but there is a tiger. Super excited to join your comp!!

    8 months ago