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A Handful of Candy

April 9, 2015

BØRNS 4 song EP Candy has been described as a new summer classic. But this Michigan native’s debut album is much more than that; it’s a collection of daydreams set to vivid and fine-tuned synth-pop. BØRNS’ music is ornate and glittery without being kitschy.  It has that laid-back, California summer kind of vibe. Candy is, in a word, happy. 

Garrett Borns makes the exact kind of bright and vibrant music that you would expect from someone who lives in a tree-house and trades whale puns with fellow musician Taylor Swift. As a child, BØRNS worked as a magician and attended a prestigious school for the arts, before moving to California to clear his mind.

After Taylor Swift’s endorsement of the EP on Twitter, some indie music listeners are a bit weary of whether BØRNS is “underground” enough to listen to. This EP is the small morsel of sugar you’d try to sneak while your mom cooked unappetizing meatloaf in the next room. Candy is a breath of fresh air amid the stolen music lawsuits and pop slog on the radio these days.  

BØRNS is the kind of person who takes risks, both figuratively and literally, for his art. His video for “10,000 Emerald Pools” involves him hanging upside down under water for extremely long periods of time.  

But perhaps the most intriguing thing about BØRNS is his friendly and good-humored approach to everything. He seems amused rather than irritated by the fact that the public often mistakes him for a girl due to his falsetto voice. He is happy to talk to fans at his shows (even for more than the customary 20 seconds!), and he engages with fans over social media as well. The fact that he’s such a charismatic and open person makes his music all the more exhilarating to listen to.

Candy opens with “Electric Love," a soaring indie-pop anthem for a girl who’s “like lightning in a bottle.”  The album then transitions into “10,000 Emerald Pools”, a beautiful song that can only be described as a musical kaleidoscope. “Past Lives” is a common fan favorite, opening with “past lives couldn’t ever hold me down/lost love is sweeter when it’s finally found.” As the world continues to get even larger and more complicated than before, “Past Lives” has a hopeful message that really seems to resonate with this generation of lost souls.  The last song on the EP, “Seeing Stars”, is an aesthetic masterpiece; it’s a pop rock explosion of glitter and electric bass riffs in your headphones.

This is the kind of music you blast out your car windows while the wind whips your hair around and you understand that feeling that all those movies from the 80’s were trying to convey. It’s the musical embodiment of feeling like you have this world figured out for once; it’s the music you dance around your room to in the middle of the night and the music that makes you pick your feet up a little higher when you run.

If you are a fan of MGMT, Lorde, or Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, BØRNS will more than likely become one of your new favorite artists. The indie music scene anxiously awaits another album, but in the meantime, music junkies will have to make do with this short but magical gem from BØRNS.



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