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I Miss You

By: WhispersOfGray


'Tis late at night,
but I cannot sleep,
exhaustion lays on my eyelids,
but my mind refuses to blank,

It's been a long day,
I've had quite a few ups and downs,
but all throughout today,
I missed you,

We haven't spoken for almost 2 weeks,
I can't stop thinking about you,
I hope you're okay,
I can't wait to speak to you again,

But for now,
we can't speak,
I miss you...

Sorry this is not a good piece. I'm just so tired. It's 3am over here. 

Peer Review

I like how the main character is up at night thinking about the other person, it’s sweet.

Maybe give some more detail about how they miss the person. The longing and whatnot.

Reviewer Comments

Overall, I love this piece and it’s even more amazing that you did it a three A.M.!!!