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Poetry is so hard huge props to the WTW kids who do it on a daily basis o.O


May 31, 2020


they don't get it, do they?
their world and yours orbit light-years away
on wildly different solar systems.
they made fun of you in kindergarten
when you started counting by colour
they were puzzled when you spoke in detail
of a handshake's sour-sweet scent
when classical symphonies made chocolate cradle in your tongue,
for a long time you didn't realize
that to the rest of the concert hall
violin notes were just... violin notes.

and so,
you hid the urge in middle school math
to solve the equation at the end of the rainbow. 
at lunchtime,
when the other kids gasped at the flavours and smells
you were too shy to gasp at the choir of flavours
vibrating, tingling at your eardrums
each time you savoured a bite. 

only when the summer sun's rays turned soft at night
when you were alone 
hugging your teddy tight
could you admire the patchwork sewn from the buzz of cicadas
dance among the bitter tickles of chilly midnight gust
and paint the glowing constellations
in do, rei, mi-s.

for them those numbers, letters, tastes and touches
line up neatly in rows -- 
fingers-on their lips, hands-on their hips
against the brick-laid wall.
but for you,
they cause a ruckus
shrieking, mashing and crashing together 
a messy, hole-torn fabric of memory and emotion.
so let them play!
because when they do,
the world becomes a little bit more beautiful. 
If it was too confusing and hidden, this piece is supposed to be about a fascinating condition known as synesthesia -- where an individual is able to perceive multiple senses together and make connections between these perceptions. If you're curious about it, here's some info:


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