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The Walks of School

April 5, 2015

PROMPT: Walking


At a regular secondary school, there are many different types of people, most of whom have their own distinct walking style. I, for one, walk in a 'boyish' way-hands in pockets, legs apart, arms everywhere. Whether it's because I like walking this way, or because it makes me feel macho, I don't know, but I've noticed how people assume I'm a 'tomboy' because I walk in the style of my male peers.

Although males and females' styles of walking are different, the differences do not stop there. Each gender has different sub-categories, including: the shuffler, the stormer,the gossiper and the athlete. I will attempt to outline the differences between these categories.

The Shuffler is the nobody, the person who wants to avoid being seen at all costs. More than likely, they are/have been a victim of bullying and want to get out of the corridor AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!! The Shuffler has a tendency to be pushed about the corridor like a football, and they look down at the ground more than is normal. Their feet are almost always stuck to the ground, and any attention is unwanted. Poor unfortunate souls!!!!

The Stormer is the person who constantly seems in a bad mood. Regardless of your past history with them, whether they know you or not, they will not hesitate to push you over if you stand in their way. Their steps are large, loud, and meant to be heard. Stomping of shoes can be heard from all around, and the domino-like way others fall is a spectacle to behold. Not someone to cross.

The Gossiper is the person who is permanently in a conversation, and no amount of distance from their convo partner can shut them up. Their voices can be heard from miles away, and the way they walk is extremely irritating. They flap their arms about in exaggerated gestures, and their handbags are very likely to get whacked in your face if you're not careful.

Finally, the Athlete. These walkers don't really walk. They RUN. Wherever they are, they've got insane amounts of energy, and seem capable of running up those killer flights of stairs when you can only plod up them half-heartedly, wishing you hadn't ran that last lap in P.E. Like the Gossiper, their arms wave about (they look in danger of falling out of their sockets), and they don't particularly care if they slap someone around the face. They can sound either loud or quiet- loud being the bang-bang-bang of trainers, or quiet being small, ragged breaths. Either way, it's incredibly annoying.


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