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so i was so confused back when i wrote this :?

revenge novel poetry (throwback to when i thought this formatting was a good idea)

July 18, 2020



the stages of committing treachery:
none of which makes sense 'til
you're sitting and realize the picture
of the monsters looking back at you is simply,
your reflection in the broken mirror shards.

it started building up in the back of my throat
back when i was freshly broken and
you ran a finger down my flesh and laughed
at the goosebumps that ran up; after that,
when i went home i collected my bloody tears in a jar, labeled
with your name, knowing i'd one day
need them.

and damn, i've waited so long
for tomorrow to come. where i could
pour the gasoline down your throat and drop
the match of validity where your lies
would make aflame; and if we're lucky,
make you remember all those things you'd
say to me. it's all planned it out,
wrote down every detail like a
sixth-grade girl confessing her
first kiss in a ripped up page
from her diary.

afterward, it didn't take long,
it's like clockwork: i've realized, i made
the mistake and was the renegade all along:
who twisted the soul out of your
body, (like water with a towel);
clawed your heart out of your
chest, (like a hawk with a rat);
muted any defiance out of your
voice, (like a police's cuffed man).

~author's note~
i've made myself the victim in
your nightmares; men don't make
monsters, they are them.
but, honestly? it did end up
hurting when you hurt somebody,
even when you think you're 
doing it, for all the (wrongly)
right reasons.
agustdv's a contest maybe?, prompt 2: REVENGE POETRY
man, i suck at writing this. idek what was happening when i wrote this and just now got the courage to post it. welp, hope you like this. :/ :?


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  • Wisp

    “where i could
    pour the gasoline down your throat and drop
    the match of validity where your lies
    would make aflame;”
    What do you mean you suck at writing this???? I savored. Every. Single. Freaking. Word. The formatting was just beautiful and I love love love it so dearly. Every word drips with heavy conviction and I am living for it. The thriving fury, the lightning hurt, the touch of betrayal sprinkled in between the lines. Gosh it was all so lovely and I just love it so much. You really don’t give yourself enough credit, because this has to be one of my favorite pieces of yours.

    about 1 month ago
  • agustdv

    Thank you for entering! Good luck!

    7 months ago