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Tales from High School chapters 1-5

April 23, 2020


Chapter 1-Victoria
High school can be a pain. Everyone wants to be someone their not, but like, not me. But one things for sure. I rule Madison High. I, like, just walked in on day one, and like, ever since people worshiped me. I like, know I'm gorgeous, but I had a plan to take over, and I really, like, didn't expect people to just give me the school. Anyway, I was like, walking down the hall in my fish net tights, mini black skirt, crop top leather jacket, and six inch heels when the new kid, Jack, passed by. I'd heard about his popularity at other schools, but this... this was like, a whole new level. He had mucles tearing out of his shirt, tanned skin, and a cocky smile. I knew that I, like, had to have him.
"Hey," I purred, putting a hand on his chest.
Jack pulled my hand off and continued to walk.
That brute!
Every boy at this school wanted me, and like, if I did that to them, they would play along and flirt till the death. But not him?
I looked at Jack, until he was out of sight.
A crowd formed behind me, and like, all those weasels in love with me looked, like, heartbroken.
Whatever. Their lose. I would get Jack, and I would get him before prom.
Chapter 2-Willow
No, no no! This was bad. This was very bad. It just- no. This couldn't be happining. Victoria always bullied me for my geeky glasses, braces, and unmanageable hair, but this... It was just a step too far. So what if the new boy took a liking to me? I have to turn him down. Everyone knows Victoria likes Jack, after all, she touched him, and she thinks the boys at Madison high are crap, but Jack? Of all people? If I accepted his invite to prom, Victoria would kill me. Literally! She said, "Get near him, and you're dead!" After all. You know, I usually think boys are stupid shrimps, but since Jack doesn't goggle over Victoria, I'm starting to think that, in a world with no Victoria, I would go to prom with him. But here's the thing. Victoria, well, she hasn't been herself lately. For example, first time I saw Jack roam the halls, I saw he looked, well, miserable. I'm pretty good at calming people, so I introduced myself, and asked what was wrong. He asked if I was friends with, "The Shrimp", And we got into conversation. Aparently, I am not the only one who hates Victoria. But, the enemy heard our battle plans, and said to the principle that I punched her, and was forcing sexual abuse in the bathroom with Jack. Somehow, the principle fell for make up, and a story of a short, weak girl causing sexual abuse. Even the principle is on her side. And now I'm stuck with a four day suspention. I don't think principle Lee bought the part about the abuse. But here's the worst part of all. I think... I think I actually like Jack.
I know I said it had to get 10 likes, but I just had to write a chapter 2 to this piece!!! 5 likes and a review, and you guys just got a chapter three.

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  • Princess Maria

    You should lengthen this! It's really good

    10 months ago
  • crow_e

    just submitted a review! thanks for sharing!

    10 months ago