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Lupin Plant

April 28, 2020


You were beautifully destructive.
Gorgeous eyes and soft touches.
So colorful and vibrant.
Your voice, so charming and smooth.
A rare flower.
I let you crowd my life with your seemingly harmless smiles.
Unfortunately, you were anything but harmless.
You were an invasive weed that killed off all my other beautiful flowers; friends, family, even my own self.
You dug yourself into every aspect of my life.
My thoughts, my memories, my choices—were all overruled by you— as always.
You created places for your lies to hide, for your ugliness to cower away.
I was so enchanted by your beauty.
I didn’t stop to think about how looks can be deceiving.
Slowly but surely you killed my garden, until nothing but you was left.
For those of you who don’t know, a Lupin plant looks like a very beautiful flower but it is in fact an invasive weed that kills other crops and creates hiding spaces for mice. You see what I did there? ;)


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1 Comment
  • starry-eyed

    I loved your piece! It was creative and I loved the twist at the end :)

    12 months ago