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Hi!! My name is Abi, I’m fifteen-years-old. I love dogs, books, and sunshine. I’m obsessed with poetry. Sometimes I smile to much, sometimes I cry to much, but I hope you stick around. I’ll be be published soon! EEK! Scrawled Out Timeline, 10-2-2020

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We are alive
The sweat pouring down are faces in this suffocating heat
We are alive today
This thick air we struggle to suck through our nostrils
We are alive
The thumping heartbeat consistently working itself until the days it halts in exhaustion
We are alive
All these things...
we are alive today.

It’s Mostly Sardonic

April 22, 2020


Sometimes I wander how couples end up together? Chance? Fate? Love? Divine intervention? It is a mystery that ponders through my mind as I wander down the road in the car, that is pumping toxic fumes into the air. Sometimes I look at crazy old loons arguing in Walmart and wander “isn’t love nice?” it’s mostly sardonic, a quiet snark at their sniping.


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  • Spero

    Lol thanks for love!! Yeah, I think it’s pretty awesome. God has definitely blessed me with many opportunities.

    6 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    I love this. And you have a poetry book coming out? That's amazing!

    6 months ago