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Do yourself a favor and look this myth up! I did a good amount of research even though I used to read a story about the myth of Sedna as a child. There is not much about these two, so most of this piece is an interpretation of Sedna's story along with a morsel from some myths that say these two lived together on the bottom of the ocean.

Sedna & Qailertetang

May 3, 2020


My lover is angry. She wears her anger cold, and calls all her creatures to her, sending currents spirally in their unforeseen wake. 

“They will not eat,” she bites into the water as I settle the seals and walruses into their guest rooms. “The men, the birds, they will starve.” 

It is bittersweet, this time we spend with our many children. They warm our section of the sea, but this time together is ripped through with her pacing, her ranting, her angry tears. The seals nudge at her ankles, she looks at them with terrible longing. They were once part of her.

I brush her hair in our bed, because she cannot do it herself. She always touches my face with her face instead of her hands, which lack their fingers. She’ll draw my hair behind my ear with her nose and I will take her head in my hands and tell her that vengeance is blackening her soul.

The whales observe from behind our windows, parked patiently between the thermal vents. 

My lover is gentle. She kisses all of her children goodbye and releases them to their waters. I cry tears as big as schools as fish, for grief of the absence of our children, for joy at their return to my fishermen.

We putter around our house, bump into each other on purpose, eat together from our table, foreheads nearly touching. My lover sings in her sleep. She heals in the salt of the sea from all of her past lives. I take my heavy limbs to bed with her. 

My lover and I are a storm, sometimes. There is no squall without the both of us.
Hello. So, I am not an indigenous person, and I do not belong to an Inuit tribe. Native populations are extremely vulnerable to this crisis because of centuries of colonial trauma. There are many direct relief funds that are easy to find and I would encourage doing so if you currently have the means. 


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    i specifically enjoyed how you said "My lover" and "My lover is..." that's definitely repetition I enjoyed because it was minimal but powerful.

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