Alina Lee

United States

Perhaps I shall write something here?
But I don't know what to write
Others seem to be writing what or who they are, alright then
I am human on this planet that's not very special or talented in anyway, but I will strive to do my best :)


April 21, 2020

I will do good next time,
I will stay on task.
I promise I’ll do no crime,
I promise I’ll wear no mask.

The bit of work for today,
I could complete in an hour.
At least that’s what I say,
But instead I hide and cower.

Tomorrow I will prevail,
Tomorrow I will finish.
I know I will not fail,
At least that’s what I wish…

Instead I push it aside,
Saying I’ll do it later.
I’ll just say I tried,
Adding another layer.

The nights are long,
A whirl of thoughts.
All things I’ve done wrong,
Come back to haunt.

A winding of thorns,
The tangle of shadows.
A monster of horns,
The hope it swallows.

So I hope to remind you,
Of the times you have had.
The pain you’ve went through,
And the chances not had.

For time is something you cannot turn back,
And all that’s lost cannot be tracked.
You said that time was something you lack,
But in truth you know that you were just cracked.

Not riches nor life can get you a minute,
As time rushes by, not wasting a second.
The past is not something you’re able to visit,
So let truth be told, time cannot be reckoned.


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