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Hi, anyone who’s reading this! Well, for starters, I LOVE cats. That’s the most common fact about me. I’m an avid reader, I like listening to music, and I like to joke. A LOT. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!!

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Just wondering what you like and don’t like, that’s all!

Kinda Crazy Cognomen (That actually means name)

April 21, 2020

A breakfast joint:  Charisma Coffee Cafe
A new smartphone:  Smirking Smartphone
An eyeglasses store:  Fabulous Frames
A dog pound:  Puppies, pooches, and Poodles
A highway:  Harry Carry Highway
An island resort:  Rejuvenating Reprieve
A new constellation:  Catulous 
A pet polar bear:  Blizzard Bentley
A nail polish color:  Purple Pansy Perfection
A new butterfly species:  Libresence


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