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Okayy people important:
Remember that novel kind of thing i was writing? Miracle inn? Well then I stopped. Why? Partly because Im lazy but also because I didn't find it good enough. It was missing details and stuff. So, now I will be fixing it up. Like not on wtw, because it gets complicated but I wont be completing it because it still needs a lot of work. If anyone is dreading this and wants to kill me, just let me know and i'll tell you the plot and ending. I know im very nice.
Also, checkout Karma's_Coming: Reagan and Caspian series because its THE best.
And, I love you all :)

Hand-me-down the love#aprilaprilapril

April 22, 2020


When she was twelve, june had gone to a market with her mother. She never knew she'd lose the thing she loved the most there. She was walking by a book shop with her bouquet of black roses in her hand. Her mother rushed her out of the shop and she accidentally dropped a rose out of the bouquet. She wanted to go back for it but her mother didn't let her. Now she was here, at the same bookshop, she recognized it very well. She even remembered the place where she dropped her rose. This was the last bookshop which was left open after the war was announced. She ran her fingers over all the second hand books when her eyes rested on one."Cinderrella" it said. The whole novel of her favorite fairytale. She held the book in her hands." I'll take it"  she said to the shopkeeper and he sold it to her at a very low price. In a week the country would be locked down, many people will die, all the men will fight. This made her remember the ball, the prince was holding a final ball for all the townspeople. Every girl and  every boy was invited to be paired up with people they didn't know, but why did it matter they won't ever meet again. For at the night of the ball, all the men will go away to war. She wondered who she'd be paired up with. With these thoughts in her head, she went back home. The book sat at her bedside table, she picked it up amd started reading." This book belongs to..." It said on the front page. As she read on,june saw that many parts of the book were highlighted but the reason for highlighting them was not known. So june thought of creating her own reasons for the parts that someone else highlighted. Days passed by and june kept reading the second hand version of a book that had become her favorite. As she read the book she saw that everything in the book which was important to her was already highlighted. She soon started imagining why those parts may be important to the first reader. By the middle of the week, what was on june's mind was not anything about the book, but about the owner. As she started falling in love with the book. June realised she was falling in love with the previous owner as well. She longed to meet whoever it was, every night she dreamt of bumping into someone who might be the one she was looking for. Finally the week came to an end and on friday, a royal invitation was sitting on her table." To whom it may concern" it said in the start." From someone it may concern" was the end. The ball was on Saturday. She dressed in simple clothes a skirt and blouse. She knew the event was going to be more saddening then exciting. As she entered, the prince was standing on the stage. In his hand was a puple coloured card and the two couples who joined him also had the same cards. The black colour came soon and she reluctantly walked on the stage. An extremely handsome gentleman walked up with the same card." Miss june crystal and Axel gray" the prince announced and the couple retreated to a deserted bridge. Except from dancing, they both talked all night. Then Axel asked a question." Have you ever loved before?" He said." Yes but i dont know who i fell in love with, it turns out to be the owner of a second hand novel i bought. I see from the highlighted parts that whoever it is, is very similar to me, this is peculiarly extraordinary to me and i love those type of things" they both talked a bit about june's novel, but as june asked him about the thing he loved, she saw that they didn't have much time left. The clock said 11:50." I fell in love with the owner of a rose, if only i knew who it was, a girl of about twelve dropped it at my father's shop many years ago. I hid it in the back cover of my favorite book but unfortunately i gave the book away to my father's shop as donation. Now it seems i did the right thing." By this time, Axel's carriage was waiting for him. He went back to it when june shouted," but wait, what was the name of the book?" ". Cinderrella" a voice shouted back from the retreating carriage as june discovered a rose in the back cover of her favorite book.
For deep_breaths' competition. Word count 782.


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