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I am new to writing poetry, I would love some constructive feedback!


April 21, 2020

The sky is illuminated by your splendor
Ancient oaks bow in greeting, humbled before your majesty
Newborn pines break the surface as they welcome your tender warmth
The start of a new day
Meadowlarks tell their tales in a soft, sweet melody
Northern winds respond, carrying their message far and wide
The tune of life’s foundation has been composed
A frivolous descant at which the world finds its meaning
The murky darkness of the deep recoils from your radiant rays
Sheltering that which man forgot
Lost with time, consumed by the opaque collieries of futility
Its knowledge kept at tranquil bay
Your continuous cycle is never ending, yet rarely monotonous
The world for amusement, a dramatic ballad of exhilaration
Serenity you always experience, but they never find
Executing your finest to illuminate that which they cannot see
Alas, words of wisdom you seek to bequeath, but can rarely bestow
Doomed to watch acquiescently while civilizations fall to ruin
The secret to ecstasy on your lips, yet it never reaches their ears
Destined for greatness, they thought, but condemned to crushing isolation


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  • Egreene

    I am really new to this, so any comment would be helpful!!

    11 months ago