amy lr

United Kingdom



April 21, 2020

I draw lines on the sky,
Dot-to-dot with the stars
To create a picture above
My head. I did this with the 
Scars on my chest I got 
When I was ten to see
If I too carried the constellations
On my skin; the Big Dipper,
Or Orion, perhaps my star sign too.
I got a telescope for Christmas one year,
So I gazed at the craters on the moon,
Though the pins came loose, so it always
Turned left, and the sky was never dark enough
To see the Milky Way like I did
When I was four, but there‚Äôs too much 
Air pollution now to make out the faintest star. 
I stare up at a blank canvas,
Wishing my paint brush could reach
The sky so I could decorate it with the
Brightest colours and make it beautiful once again.  


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  • And_The_Stars_Laughed

    I agree with @mia_:) -- this is beautiful!

    6 months ago
  • mia_:)

    Beautiful piece! I love anything and everything to do with space poetry! My advice to you is think about your grammar; should each line have a capital letter in front of it? This is wonderful! I'm proud to be your first follower! Keep writing! Welcome to Wtw! :P

    6 months ago