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Our time to act..

April 21, 2020

For centuries we'd wandered,
Through mountains and valleys,
Jungles and grasslands,
With nothing to own,
And nothing to lose,
Among other beasts,
A feeble species

Then it took him*,
To provide their kind with,
A weapon,
A tool,

Only to be chained,
For an eternity,
Only to have his,
Forethinking** make him pay,
Only for his,
Passionate heart devoured,
By a scavenger each day.

But he did sow something,
For the whole human race,
For every generation to come,
For those ones he designed, 
And provided life and living.

The precious first-ever seeds,
Of change,of evolution,
Of innovation, of compassion;
Seeds Of Hope...

And hence they began,
That remarkable journey,
Which we call history,
That lasted aeons..

There were hardships all along,
Often in the way,
Forces arose,
To destroy the peace,
And cause chaos.

Wars were led,
Battles waged,
Swords were slashed,
Arrows shot,
Bombs blasted,
Guns and cannons fired,
Warriors hanged,
And innocents massacred..

Yet they,
those brave ancestors,
Managed to hold on,
Always ready to,
Fight and sacrifice .

They did pay,
Their sweat, tears and lifeblood,
Not for themselves,
But for everyone,
Their brethren..

Just because,

They still had those gems,
The Seeds Of Hope,
In the fire in their hearts,
Their steeled spines,
Their clear intellect,

Dissolved in their blood..
Safely and securely,
Hid deep within themselves,
And they did sow them.

There were always
someone,to protect
those priceless possessions,
And to sow them..

Now it's our duty and chance,
During the crisis,
To protect those seeds,
And have to sow them.

For our race,
Our brethren,
The single family,
Spread all over earth.

Of all colours and creeds,
Religions and Castes
Languages and Nationalities,
Apart, yet together..

So let our souls connect,
Breaking all barriers,
Against all hardships,
Against every crisis.

Amidst all those hurdles,
Even with those boundaries,
And only then,
Will be he freed,
From those bounds,
Which he* endured for us..
* Reference to Prometheus, the Titan who created humans from clay and provided them with fire which Zeus had forbidden and was punished cruelly by the King of Gods. He is referred to as a trickster Titan who betrayed the Gods by providing mankind with fire and was chained to a rock and everyday, an eagle would come and devour his liver(which was sometimes considered as the seat of emotions by ancient Greeks). Here in the poem, I've bent the myth slightly and portrayed him as a empathetic supporter of the mankind.
** The meaning of the word 'Prometheus' in Greek is 'forethinker'.



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  • What.I.saw.in.the.tea.leaves

    This is phenomenal!!! So moving and deep!:D

    6 months ago
  • Mishthi Sharma

    Percy Jackson introduced me to Greek mythology and this piece is compelling me to learn more about it.

    7 months ago
  • Tushar Mandhan

    Reading poems and poems with references to Greek mythology are intriguing me to learn more.

    7 months ago
  • WhispersOfGray

    Replying: Aw, thank you so much for reading my pieces and thanks for the comment :)

    7 months ago
  • WhispersOfGray

    This is awesome! Also, thanks for the comment :)

    7 months ago
  • ElsaRee

    Thanks a million..I am obsessed with Myths in general and when it comes to Greek ones, I am simply in love with them..

    7 months ago
  • Currently Unavailable

    Oh, wow. You love Greek mythology, too?! I am obsessed with it. It's cool that you're a daughter of Zeus, but to be honest, I'm more of a daughter of Athena. She has always been my favorite.
    Anyway, great poetry. Whenever I try to write poetry, I can never get it right. But you managed to nail it! So great job!

    7 months ago