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A story of chivalrous behavior, bravery, and fierce determination. And yet, I feel that its hidden tale is so much a part of me, that to reveal it to the public eye, would be to deny myself any hope of happiness. We shall see.
Nobleness is a quality rarely seen in these times. And so, I bid you go forth this day, and be noble! Farewell!

HEADLINES FROM HISTORY | Part one: The Colosseum

August 1, 2020


    Last season, during the annual celebration of Quintilis, the people of Rome poured into the Colosseum to witness the final match of the year. The winner of this battle would not only receive their freedom, but one hundred Denarius besides, making it a rare and special occasion. When the two contestants entered the arena, a great cheer arose from the people.
    The first was a Celtic warrior by the name of Ansgar Mac Giolla Mháirtín. It was he who had won the attention of the Roman people by his renowned skill, and he came that day with many supporters in the audience.
    The second contestant was a newly trained gladiatrix, the female warrior Gwenhwyfar; a Gaulish captive, who had until then, solely entertained the audiences by boar hunting.
    The two met in the middle of the arena, awaiting the signal from the Editor. Ansgar was armed with his usual short sword and buckler, while Gwenhwyfar carried a spear and dagger. As the Editor raised his had to quiet the people, he overheard the voice of Ansgar whisper in Gwenhwyfar’s hearing, “I give this battle to you.” What Ansgar meant by this message, and whither Gwenhwyfar understood its meaning remains unclear.
    The Editor then proceeded to give the signal, and the fight ensued. From the very beginning, Gwenhwyfar fought with more fierceness than was ever beheld in the soul of a woman, and proved a hard match for Ansgar, dealing him several cuts with her dagger. It was all he could do, to keep from being thrust through by her spear. All the while however, he never raised his sword against her, but only retreated at short distances, to protect himself. Gwenhwyfar’s savage strength was loath to wane it seemed, and the fighting continued for nigh three hours, until at last, Gwenhwyfar’s spear found its mark in Ansgar’s side, bringing him to the ground bloodied and much injured.
    Victoriously she stood, with her spear poised upon his Ansgar’s chest, and turned to the crowd for the verdict. But seeing that many people favored Ansgar, the crowd became divided upon the matter, and a great cry arose, so that nothing could be heard. Gwenhwyfar then left Ansgar, and stepped into the middle of the arena, where she stood, facing the crowd. A silent hush moved over the people as she spoke.
    “People of Rome!” she cried, “When I entered this ring today, I brought no fear of death with me. My hope was strong, and my heart was ready. I desired only to return to my people, and if that comes from the death of another, so be it. But I say this, and hear ye now, I will nae slay the man who would nae harm a woman. If I die; I die.”
    And so saying, she knelt down in the sight of all the people and raised a finger to heaven, by way of surrender. The people then consulted among themselves about the matter, and agreed that Ansgar should not die, and that they both should be given their freedom. That being done, the Editor released them both, and parted the money between them.
    When his wounds were healed, Ansgar in time returned to the place of his birth, where he lives the life of a peaceful farmer. He soon married, and begat three sons, who are a great joy to him. It is said that he and still carries some of the scars from that day with him as a reminder of his courage.
Gwenhwyfar, on the other hand, was said to have soon after murdered three of the soldiers who ill-treated her during her captivity, and then fled to Gaul, where she is praised as a gallant warrioress of her people.
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