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Seeking Title Ideas!!! PLS DON'T PASS

April 22, 2020


    (PLEASE say if you think this is stupid) Elphaya is a fiery and sarcastic sprite. She's about 3 foot 5 inches, her ears are visibly pointed and, most obvious, she's got chartreuse wings sticking out of her back. Elphaya's got cropped auburn hair and keeps a compact weapon in her boot.
    She has a good guy friend named Atlantis Daedalus, who's a pixie, and they are NOT romantically together. (He's quite possibly twice her size)
    Elphaya works in HGPC, which stands for Higher Ground People Central, where she is a security guard. And she keeps butting head with Alwinda, a moody pixie.
    When Elphaya's on duty for work, she gets kidnapped by a 16 year old human named Michael O'Sullivan. He wants her to steal the Higher Grounds power source, the Magique. He threatens her with a serum called T'arken that he'll inject into HG if she doesn't obey his orders. 
    I'm love this story to death, I just need a title and some more plot ideas. Please, please help!!! If you've got any ideas, comment and save meeee. 
NOTE THIS, I know how to create a graph or whatever for characters and stuff.
                                                                                            With love,
      (Also, I might be changing my name on here, so fair warning if you're confused)

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  • journal.scribbles

    I'm not sure how big of a part this is in your story, but I love the detail about the compact weapon in her boot. Maybe if you come up with a good metaphor for it, the title of the story could be "The Weapon in My Boot'? It would obviously also depend on what POV you're writing from

    9 months ago
  • mia_:)

    I agree with Anne Blackwood. Also, you could write the story first, then assess the title after. I personally suck at titles, but I usually take a central idea. I love this story idea; it's so whimsical and new! I've never heard of anything like it! What was your inspiration?

    9 months ago
  • A Certain Type of Decisive

    Is this more adventure or true crime? Why does Michael need the power source? Are the fae using it for good? Is it a heist or an escape? How does Michael know about the fae? Is he truly human? What is high ground people control and is manipulation? How is Atlantis involved? Will he try to stop her or will he be the only one who knows something is wrong? This gives me "collar bomb bank robbery" vibes, and on that note maube it's a ruse? Is she really on the side of the Fae or is she faking a threat so failure won't kill her? But Michael doesn't trust her and it's real, so she is in real danger when things slip out of control- Why is a 16 year old involved with the fae? What kind of human is he- medieval fantasy? Modern magic? Somewhere in between? Why can't he steal it himself- cowardice or is it wholly out the range of possibility? Idk if this helps I usually do plot by asking questions and trying to fill in the blanks.

    9 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Tbh I think just Higher Grounds could work really well for a title.

    9 months ago