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Unfinished Business

By: Sara Lin

Our lives are unfinished.
So tired.
Tired of living a life
Reaching for the light at the end of the tunnel
The walls of the tunnel keep me in
From reaching for the stars
And sleeping in the glow of the moonlight.
The length of the tunnel keeps me walking
Hoping for something different
And reaching a goal that others have already reached.
If love is the light that wakes us up in the morning
Is hate the darkness that keeps us awake at night?
Is hate the darkness of the tunnel that trails behind you?
Is love the light at the end?
Is it even worth it?
The darkness claws at my feet
Drags me down
Fills me with hopelessness and leaves me
Not dead.
I will keep going
Even if the world is stacked against me
Even if I want to end it all
Because the future is something I want to see.
And although uncertainty clings on to me
I will not 
Let this be an unfinished business.

Peer Review

Ah, I'm not very good at peer reviews but I'll try :P Ok, so, uh, I feel like your interpretation of the tunnel and how the walls keep you in is quite nice. I can understand how you feel and I sometimes feel the same way in my life. I also think your ending was a nice way to finish because you had a sudden change instead of just sticking to the same mood and thoughts.

No, I think the way you wrote this poem sounds lovely :)

"Because the future is something I want to see." I can truly relate to this, as it is something I have thought about as well.

I'm quite sure you won't be drafting this anymore, but I think this is a wonderful poem that has memorable content. Parts of this poem have vivid descriptions, and others trigger me to feel in the moment.

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