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Mathematics #1stchallenge

By: Quarkoala


Oh, it's so long!
So complicated
So unnatural
Math can be beautiful
But only sometimes

Oh, how to continue!
The blinking cursor
Or the half-filled page
Can be inspiring
But is mostly taunting

Oh, the proof feels so obvious!
Yet it's just out of reach
Must wait until
The brilliant idea
Calls over all the noise

Oh, the idea!
It works
Just have to
Write it down

Oh, but it's so long!
The proof is done
But really not
It is not written down
Got to keep the stamina

Oh, cling to the thought!
Don't lose it
Keep writing
Keep having stamina
It is almost done


It's done
It is done

Oh, the feeling!
That feeling of finishing a long project, knowing it has come out amazing
Of completing a small boat by hand, which works without a problem
Finally arriving at the finish line, knowing that nobody else has yet
Solving a mystery, finding the criminal, everything working out

Who cares that it probably can't be applied to the real world?
Or that there was no glimpse of something deeper?
The proof is long, and done, complete
Completely rigorous
Quod Erat Demonstrandum

And until next time,

Check out the contest this was made for:

Though you may not associate math with proofs, proofs play a huge role in university-level pure math. Math becomes more abstract, and more rigorous. Any statement in math, called a theorem, needs a proof, except for a few which we take for granted. Those few are called axioms.

You might be familiar with mathematical proofs from high school geometry. In higher level math, proofs are often written in the form of sentences and paragraphs.

Peer Review

It's a beautiful little poem that looks at the pain and struggle of solving math problems and the sheer joy at reaching a wonderful result. I also appreciated the really smart thing you did with the first line of each stanza: the lamentations throughout the solving of a theorem is all too familiar having gone through something similar in high school. Overall, very lovely write that accurately depicts the love you have for mathematics and the process of finding a proof.

I wonder what you were proving? It seems to be immensely difficult needing to be done on a computer. And I wonder what went through your mind to come to that solution?

Reviewer Comments

Lovely little poem with wonderful grammar. I really don't have much to say about your piece except that it demonstrates grit and perseverance in solving math problems and a witty little beginning line. Overall, a job well done. Here's hoping to see more from you in Write the World in the future. :)