United States


April 19, 2020


Every inch of me is trembling
It’s just all this stress
I don’t want to die here     
Not from you-the virus
I can sense you there
Like an enemy I loath
I don't know what
I can do all day at home
You are always so heartless
I want my sanitizer back now
We don’t have a cure
We’re as useless as dead cows
Stop this now
I'm dying to cure this
Stop this here
I’m getting bored
You are the one thing I’ve hated all
Of my life
Stop this browl
I even miss zearn
Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah
I've never felt so certain
Like toilet paper could be here
This morn
Could I find it and be reborn?
You have always been so different
Not like smallpox or the plague
But...Could this be the way?
Could this be the day?
Can I kill your DNA ?
Stop this now
An antidote could be assembling
Once I find out how
I've come so far
You are the thing that I’ve hated 
All my life
Oh, stop this now
Let me see what you are
Come to me now
Open your door
Don't make me wait
I’ll kill you for sure
Oh, come to me now
Open your door
Don't make me wait
I’ll kill you for sure
Where the doctors, failed to see
Ah ah ah ah
There's the answer
Ah ah ah ah
That you need
Kill that virus, You need to now
I will stop it!
Stop this now
I can do it!
Stop this, I shall
You are the thing that I needed to stop all along
All along
All along...
Oh, Stop this now
Ah ah ah
Ah ah ah
Ah ah ah

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  • SunV

    Wow! It describes self-isolation so perfectly

    10 months ago
  • Ree Sethu


    10 months ago
  • GalaxyQueen

    I saw it! I was going to do into the unknown, but saw hers and decided to do show yourself

    10 months ago
  • mia_:)

    Check out Anne Blackwood's parody of Into the Unknown (we're stuck at home!) It's pretty great!

    10 months ago