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Where were you?

April 4, 2015

PROMPT: Where Were You?


Where were you?

I called out to you 

Up through the blankets of water

Watched the tearful bubbles rise from my lips and disperse at the surface of the night

At the murky pit of the day.


I curled my toes, sluggishly 

To propel myself back to the safety of my waking seconds

I felt the ache push through my legs and up my stomach and into my chest

And smother my shuddering heart

Until it thudded its final thud

And the electricity fizzled out pathetically.


I heaved open my eyelids

Prised at the floodgates so they could let out the rush of the panic

And the water and the pond weed

That filtered the light

And turned it

Greenish grey.

And cold.








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