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everybody is talented, whether they know it or not.
I believe everybody has their flaws but are still beautiful despite the scars they may carry from before. You are all amazing! and if anybody tells you otherwise I hope you don't believe them

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To be honest, I never knew I liked poetry. Nor did ever see myself join WtW. I'm glad that I did though. Growing up, I never did show my work to anybody, only my cousin and well, this is something new :)

Heavy Souls

April 18, 2020


The unsettled souls,
the brewing ocean,
the scars etched in their faces,
the world, covering their traces.

The stories they tell,
the smooth silk voices,
the heavy hearted,
the over-thought choices.

Discriminated, hated, 
rejected, unjusted,
the conned, the robbed,
the pain, and the hope for justice.

Blood pooling beneath them,
the cuts on their skin,
the choices that crushed them,
they thought good for the end.

the misery, the pain,
the wretched, and the lost,
the fleeing empty soul, the freedom they lost,
the emptiness, the loneliness,
the lies, and the truth.

The revenge that they long for,
the thirst for blood in their throat,
the anger withing them, the wild, frightening roar,
the innocence they killed now, a bellow of a wild goat.

I do not know what I just wrote, just a heads up.


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