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In reality, at the root of all my fears there is one, chief fear that I still don't know how to beat: a fear of pain. Fear of heights? Nah. Fear of falling over the edge and breaking all my bones and suffering a painful death? Yes.

things i do not fear

April 17, 2020


i do not fear the darkness; i fear the pain that
may come if an unseen hand reaches out of
the dark while i sleep, but i do not fear the
darkness, for my Lord is light, and He has
vanquished those who reside in the dark
of night, and so i do not fear them.

i do not fear the depths of the sea; i fear the pain
of drowning, of sinking to a watery grave, of
fighting to stay above the surface but
i do not fear the depths of the sea, for even
they, so vast, so great, cannot separate me
from the love of my Savior.

i do not fear loneliness; i fear the pain of
fresh heartache, but i know even if i never have
another human companion, i can never be
lonely, not now. my Father is always with me,
and He will always love me, no matter
what happens, and nothing can separate us.

i do not fear death; i fear the pain that may
bring me to the moment when my body is
no longer living anymore, no longer breathing,
no heart beating, but i do not fear death, for
my King has conquered death, and when my
time comes He will be waiting for me.

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1 Comment
  • Carolyn

    This is such beautiful devotion. I too fear pain. But, I think, if this is any consolation to people like you can I, perhaps pain should only be seen as another challenge; and if intense pain lasts long enough our nerves will numb or our consciousness fails...great blessings, I think.

    11 months ago