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I am a small high-schooler from Oklahoma. my inspiration comes from the people around me, the environment, and imperfection. I want to inspire, write, and repeat. My favorite things to do are write stories and crochet. thank you for reading my poem.

Message to Readers

I didn't mean for the title to be goddess, but I think it works.
I based this story on my very dear friend, who came from a background of devastation.
she was hurt, bruised, beaten, and taken advantage of when my family met her.
we took her in and helped her back on her feet.
I am very proud to say she has conquered her battles and is independent now.
I hope the story of redemption affects you and reminds you of yourself, in some way. It may be small. you can read into it what you will. but I want it to speak volumes to any human who reads it.
thank you.


April 17, 2020

She is bruised and broken
she hurts, her heart is in shards
her feet are scabbed 
and no honey is on her lips

her hair is shredded
her beauty is stolen
her hope has left her
and no light shines in her eyes

she is desperate, depressed
she is imperfection and ugly mess
she cannot do this alone
and her hands drop down, defeated

there is a light
it pierces through her eyes
it burns her blood
and gives her warmth

she cries out for it to stop
but it helps her, heals her
it reaches hands out to lift her up
it mends her wounds carefully

it's seen her at her worst
nothing but an empty shell
it treats her humanely
and gives her a precious gift

it clothes her, feeds her
pieces the shrapnel of her heart
back together in her chest
it gives her life and breath

how could she thank it?
how would she accept it?
how is this heaven-on-earth
a being who loves her?

"it's impossible," she says
gawking at her clothes of white
and her healed, honey-sweet beauty
no more stains render her helpless

but the light smiles and grabs her hands
impossibly beautiful, it kisses her forehead
and melts into the atmosphere
forever her guardian angel

who was the light?
what impossible gift did it give her?
well, nestled deep inside her bones
is a root of hope no one can remove.


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