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when i'm done with school i'll cut off all my hair and dye it green and wear only late-victorian stuff.

nolite te bastardes carborundorum

it's 2 am and i'm pricking myself with ancient humiliations

April 16, 2020


april, lilac-breathed
settles like balm
onto freshly broken skin

wounds left by happiness
as she swallowed like a forgotten flower
into the tongue of the night.

moonsets at bedsides
voluptuous bodies 
of uninvited clouds
locking skies within their lips.

fields of forgotten flowers.

my, the suffering we endure for the truths we tell and the lies we don't.
suffering is the light at the end of the tunnel of happiness? 
april=current phase of life=suffering=balm=soothing for wounds
yes, wounds.
wounds= happiness biting the night+night=another phase of life

moonset=night over=phase of life over

skies=new day


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