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I like writing poetry, short stories, and the occasionaly nonfiction piece.

Here you'll find all sorts of poetry, short stories, mini series about my boys, and some D&D (dungeons and dragons) tales. Hope you enjoy!

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BMATLOF #70comp1

April 16, 2020


Behind my waving hand:

all of our memories
all of the good times
a fake sense of ease
our long-forgotten crimes
everything we did together
everything yet to come
you blowing away like a feather
but I know that you're the one
as I'm waving, wishing you didn't have to go
these are a few simple things I wish that you could know

Behind my laugh:

i wish we had more time
to share more laughs like these
as the last flip turns the dime
you'll be gone soon, like the breeze

Behind my hug:

i want to hold you closely
now and forevermore
but the know was tied too loosely
soon you'll travel out the door
i'm not ready to let you go,
and you aren't ready to leave
but you must, we both know
and then we'll both start to grieve
not ready for tommorow
a day that you aren't there
i know you too, can feel the sorrow
you know how much I care
Behind Me At The Loss Of You



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