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I didn't know what to write

21 year old Future me

July 23, 2016


Dear 21 year old me,

   Congratulations!!!!! You did it!!!!!!!! You are alive and reading this. It doesn't matter where you are [well it does a little], but you're breathing and thats a very big accomplishment!!! You didn't end your life yet. Thats good and i hope you don't. Not even think about it. If you don't have kids already, i still have adoption plans ahead, so don't forget. I'm 15 at the moment because im sure even then i will dislike math so I just said my age to not bother myself to figure out how old i was when i wrote this. I hope that you, my 21 year old self, are doing much better than me in 2016. I wonder if you have tattoos. Like the symbol i draw on my left wrist to help me remember hope. Or some roses in bracelet form on my right wrist. I wonder what length is your hair. Did you shave it off at some point to satisfy the want to feel different? Did you donate it? Did you dye it unnatural colors like blue, or pink, or green and stuff like that? Have you had your first taste of wine or beer or whatever the drinks are called that you can now legally drink in a bar? Well, I don't know what else to write other than congratulations and keep up the work of living. Maybe studying. Or are you working? Either way, keep it up, you have halfway there. Wherever it is, that there is.


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