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Child of our time, our times have robbed your cradle
Sleep in a world,
Your final sleep
Has woken
-- Eavan Boland, Child of Our Time

The Buoy In The Sea

April 15, 2020


I had the beach to myself - or so I thought
And watched scattered sunlight dance across the grains of sand
The water, alive where seagulls fought,
Did duty and brought them fish to land
I breathed-
The salty, summer smell of fishermen's plaque
And was almost sure the ocean breathed back

I saw it then, 
Though what it was, I did not know
The birds had flown from the spoils of war
Yet water stilled and all to show
Right then, right there, I saw him from the shore
I breathed-
A humming, silent crack
And was almost sure the ocean breathed back

He was a guest, in a way
With hair that ran red into the water
I watched him swivel and swirl, and sway
And wondered who else the sea had slaughtered
I breathed-
And coughed, and cried and hacked
And was almost sure the ocean breathed back

I shared the beach then, I think I thought
that scattered moonlight
Dancing across the grains of sand
brought water to life, where starving seagulls fought,
And ate plenty from nature's tortured hand
I breathed-
The sour, sorry smell of fate's track
And was disappointed when nothing breathed back


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  • lindsmariebuck

    Hey, sorry for posting a random comment but it seems like the short story you asked me to review is gone. If you want me to review a different piece let me know on my post. Here is the link:

    5 months ago