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"People are not to be blamed for their doubts, but that they make no effort to arrive at the truth."
—W.H. Davies


the contrarian's "Resources to Support the BLM Movement": https://bit.ly/2Mpmaui

outoftheblue's piece on police brutality in India: https://bit.ly/3dBxv5r


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May 6, 2020




The farmer in Fiji, who lost his crops, his income, his livelihood, because of the seawater creeping up to his farm, destroying all the crops;

The child in Yemen, with his skin stretched tight over his bones, the drought worsening the war already ravaging his country;

The woman in Kiribati, who doesn't even know of the rising seas threatening to consume her, along with her whole country;

The child in Manila, who lost his home and his parents to the flooding that tore through his city;

The girl in Delhi who lost her father to the poison from the vehicles and the factories eating up his lungs, taking his life from inside him—

For them and for ourselves, we must change.


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