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A Fearless Album

April 4, 2015

Fearless, it’s not just the album title but also the best adjective to describe Taylor Swift’s Grammy Award winning second album.

            Before American singer songwriter Taylor Swift became full on pop, everyone knew she was a country artist. We don’t blame her of course for changing into pop, because her top selling 5th studio album 1989 is surely a genius creation. But before we heard her sing about dancing all alone and never going out of style, Taylor Swift reveled on the different facets of life from love, family and high school on her second album Fearless.

            It was as if someone was writing a song from our perspective. It was as if the songs were ripped out from our diary. Well every fifteen year old girl or every high school girl (or even non high school) would have thought about that while listening to Swift’s Fearless album. Much of the songs from her second album talks about falling in love and falling out of love. It talks about the very first kiss and heartbreak. It talks about how moms just make everything better. She wrote and co-written all of the songs on her album. Her lyrics are just so raw and innocent and just full of life that you would either be amazed or would have known it was written by an 18 year old girl.

            The rhythm and tunes of her music emits youthfulness and sincerity, which may also define her. Her songs “Love Story”, which talks about fighting for love, and “You Belong with ME”, which talks about falling deeply and madly in love with someone, became the anthem of teens everywhere. The song “Fifteen” would make you reflect on things and would inspire you to become a better person of yourself. “Fearless” and “Hey Stephen” talks about the beauty of falling in love. While most of her songs on the Fearless album talks about wonderful things, there are also tracks in the album about lost love and letting go. “White Horse” “Breather” and “You’re not Sorry” would definitely make you grab a tissue and sympathize with Taylor and her heart wrenching lyrics.

            Taylor Swift, with her five albums, continues to inspire us with her songs and lyrics. She is now a rising global superstar with her album selling millions and millions worldwide. Writing songs had been one of Swift’s favorite past time and that past time definitely inspired millions of people around the globe. While Taylor Swift continues to dominate the pop world with her catchy tune and brilliant lyrics, let us take time to appreciate the 18-year old country pop princess Taylor and her Fearless album. 


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