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Maa, you are much much better.

By: Samina


The moonlight
Isn't as bright
In the night.
Shall I tell the moon
to leave behind its pride
Maa, your heart is much much bright.
Ocean's depth
Isn't as large in breadth
Shall I tell the ocean to leave its ego apart
Maa, the deepness is there much much in your heart.

Rainwater forget that you're sound is relaxing
Isn't that exciting,
Maa, your voice is much much soothing.
Whenever I hear it I feel I am breathing,
My heart is always feeling
Almighty has made you make this world a much much better for living.


Word count 96
Date completed 14 April
I want to depict the innocence of the kid who feels that her mother is the best.
Enjambment - Throughout the poem, I have used it.
Maa in Hindi means mother. I thought I should use it.

Message to Readers

Someone asked me what is unconditional love and I looked towards my mother.

Peer Review

Most people do not appreciate their mother like this anymore and this child's mother is the best thing in the world to them.

does the child have a name I would like to know more but there is not much more to know

Reviewer Comments

I love how you use Maa from Hindi because it makes it seem more loving somehow