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I am 14
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more of a loner
Used to be purple galaxy
Love the lunar chronicles
Kinder <3
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Message to Readers

I am a beginner writer and would like some good helpful feedback also I would like some more follower and if u fallow me I will fallow you

Longing for a toy

April 15, 2020

    A toy
I asked for a toy
but I did not receive a toy
because I was only a poor boy
with only enough to satisfy my hunger

    I worked all day and night
with only enough
to help my father with the pay
and earned only enough
to put food on the table

    And still, I longed for that toy
but I was only a poor boy

    Not enough to go to school
not enough to make friends
not enough to by new clothes
because I was only a poor boy

    Staring through the window at the toy
watching  all the other girls and boys

    And still, I longed for the toy
but I was only a poor boy

    Now I am a grown man
with children of my own
who long for a toy


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  • Cheshire Cat

    thx do u have any advice for better pieces I can wright in the futer

    11 months ago
  • Samina

    Omg this is so pure.

    11 months ago