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Vaguely Political, Vaguely Philosophical Rant of a Discontent and Powerless Teenager

April 18, 2020

I am constant inconstancy,
Blazing with contradiction and ever-evolving. 
I am sensation followed by reaction 
Essentially just a combination of experiences
Strung together and maintained 
By flesh, time, metabolism;
And I don't believe in death. 

But I'm only one; only one combination, 
I am a combination that wants 
To hurtle through the multiverse
So paths divide and time dilates 
Towards every end in which I'm 
Utterly annihilated.

Eyes burn, stomach writhes 
And I die right here. 
Clay minds are not designed for four dimensions 
And we'll never know. 

This is unacceptable!
We've got to manifest ourselves in material: 
Claim colours and rhythms... 
Measure worth in output. 
You are nothing 
More than aesthetic and numeric!

Your reward? 
Consume, consume, consume!
Forget young hands in faraway factories, 
Waste accumulates and plastic masquerades 
As biology. We live in sick symbiosis, capitalist!

Eyes burn, stomachs writhe
But we don't die right here 
Because we have everything we need (!!!)
Well - unless you're a McDonald's worker in want of sick leave
Well - unless you're on a zero hour contract 
(The gig economy is a beautiful thing!)
Well - unless you're a nurse lacking PPE... 

Shhh! We're fine! We're coping!
It's not like we're living on borrowed time!
We have everything we need...
Though clay minds are not designed
For perpetual light. 

But I guess I'm just being a Luddite, right? 
I guess I should just hurtle back 
Through the multiverse, reverse time 
And find a line excluding this. 
If I could, I think it would reject me. 

So I'm stuck here - can't forget, so contradict; 
I feed the system, I waste, 
Drink milkshake from plastic and there's pleasure
As it passes my lips - can't forget so contradit!
Some of my clothes were made by young hands in faraway factories 
Can't forget so contradict!
I eat meat, contradict!
I buy from Amazon, contradict!
And I've burned and burned and burned through carbon, contradict! 

And I see that this sick symbiosis, mass production, 
Has given me things that I want: 
Cheap chocolate, warmth in winter, 
Knowledge at my fingertips, 
I'm never ever bored. 
And, yes, it's lifted some poverty here 
Though pushed it faraway where we can't see. 

And I know that things are complicated: 
Interconnected strings and things, 
Economies intensified by centuries, 
Reluctant to change! Afraid to change!
What if this whole web frays away? 

And, of course, I don't want to give up hot water or the internet
But things have to change, these systems have to change. 
We can't keep eating the weak!
And I'm not a scientist, politician, conservationist, 
But I don't want to be a hypocrite; 
I don't want to contradict!
And if we seriously want change 
Then we ought to start 
With some politicians who actually give a sh-

^ link to the video where I perform this 
(If the link doesn't work then my YouTube channel is called "memmiwrites" - you should be able to find the video of the same title on there)


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  • birthdaycandles

    wow, nice work! your passion for this really shines through in the words and your spoken performance! excellent!
    i especially love this stanza:
    And I see that this sick symbiosis, mass production,
    Has given me things that I want:
    Cheap chocolate, warmth in winter,
    Knowledge at my fingertips,
    I'm never ever bored.
    And, yes, it's lifted some poverty here
    Though pushed it faraway where we can't see.
    Absolutely accurate, such powerful words and definitely left an impact on me!

    4 months ago
  • ava09

    Your performance is AMAZING and I absolutely LOVE your poem and I agree on so mainly levels it's just incredible. Congrats on your shoutout and I'm so glad I found this because it's incredible!!!

    7 months ago