Alviya Siddiqui


An Incipient Commencement: Hope

October 8, 2020

Like a nightmare.
It left its echo,
little did they ken it had an apparition.
Everything doesn’t rejuvenate within the light,
Sometimes we require to undergo the tenebrosity to make it alright.
Mundane. It had grown to be our incipient mundane.
Authenticity. It had turned out to be our incipient authenticity.
The digital landscape became the only optical discernment of ravisher.
Fantasy had crept to the land of being.
We were
We had just planted the seed of hope.
And hoped for it to grow.
It grew.
The future we visually perceived in the past is the present,
the present; a gift.
It has gone. My gift is here. The pandemic has ceased.
We can now paseo down the vale.
We can now auricularly discern the recess bell of the school ring.
We can now visually perceive the crowded buses.
We can now breathe intrepidly.
To a bright future formed by hope;
An incipient commencement: Hope


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