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Hi! I’m Root (they/them), 15
I’m a published author now, that’s cool. I also run, program, and read.

I Remember

April 14, 2020


Second grade
I learned what gay meant from my mom. 
My dad had been kicked off of an interview
For expressing his disapproval of it. 
I went to school the next day. 
“I don’t think it’s okay to be gay.”
Also second grade,
I thought it would be cool to marry my best friend.
I didn’t realize I was queer. 

Fifth grade,
same-sex marriage is legalized. 
I don’t know how I changed so much so quickly. 
I spent a lot of time talking about gay rights. 
I found a website called Wattpad. 
I began reading. 
There was a lot of fan fiction involved. 

Sixth grade
I was writing my own fan fiction.
I reached new heights with my follower count. 
I found a queer dictionary. 
I spent days rereading the whole thing. 
I couldn’t figure myself out. 
I had to find the perfect label. 
I couldn’t. 
I found a rare one
That didn’t quite fit either
But it was close enough. 
I came out and the summer before

Seventh grade 
My parents discovered Wattpad 
And a message from 
My friends’ parents. 
I’d been outed. 
They were horrified at what I’d 
Become, discovered, accepted. 
They wanted to delete my account
And all forty long works on it. 
I spent a lot of time crying. 
I still didn’t know what exactly I was. 

Eighth grade
I stopped talking about gay rights. 
I stopped talking about my identity. 
People forgot. 
I didn’t forget. 
My parents pretended to forget. 
My sister pretended to forget. 
I couldn’t sleep. 

Ninth grade
I came out at home. 
I can’t come out at school
Or my dad would lose his job
So home will have to be enough. 
My parents used my pronouns for the first time. 
My older sister used my pronouns for the second time. 
My younger siblings still don’t know. 
They might tell people. 

Twelfth Grade
I will walk across the stage
As valedictorian. 
I will give my speech. 
I will not mention my identity. 
The crowd will clap. 
They will not remember who I was. 
I remember. 
Ngl I’m thinking of changing the title to a queer-related one (since that’s the topic anyway) because I swear y’all see the word “queer” or “non-binary” or “gay” in it and click immediately lol

Aside from that, any feedback is greatly appreciated and I would love to hear what I can enhance about this poem :)


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  • Cheshire Cat
    plz, read this it is for the comp. I am sending it to all the other people who entered

    9 months ago
  • Cheshire Cat

    comp results 24th April

    9 months ago
  • Halopoet

    I just love this soo much it relates to soo many people i know and it would have made them soo happy. I think everyone should be identified for who they are without any insecurity cuz you are you, and no one can stop you from being yourself. Thankyou for spreading a beautiful message

    9 months ago
  • hi i'm jackson ;)

    You go, my pal!!! Virtual hug, coming your way! I myself learned what gay meant in fourth grade, thought it was wrong until about a year and a half ago, discovered all the LGBTQ+ I am now, feeling myself! I hope you feel happy forever!

    9 months ago