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Since I am a Christian, I wrote this a few days for Easter. I figured I'd publish it for all you fellow Christians on WtW.

little things i thank God for

April 14, 2020


once i walked beneath a blooming tree,
branches draped around me like a wedding
veil, blossoming flowers kissing my face
with sleek white petals. the sun dripped
with gold as thunderstorms rolled in
from the west, and God placed a rainbow
between two clouds, alighting my face
with rays of silken color. when the storm
darted beyond the horizon, leaving nothing
but a trace of buzzing electricity, the stars
shimmered in a dark sky, silver diamonds
burning with fiery ferocity, gleaming far
beyond the touch of mortal man. and to think
God created all this with a word, a whisper
into the void, and then, with mercy in his
eyes, came and died for this poor repulsive
sinner. God spun the stars from nothing
and cared enough to breathe life into
mere humanity's lungs, to give us each a
purpose in this vast and beautiful universe.


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