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A Little Trick Called Hope

April 17, 2020

I'm expected to get an education,
Yet each day I leave school unfulfilled.
I come home tired, stressed-- no longer exists my imagination.
Programmed to become a robot; a role I must instill. 

Yet now we're stuck in quarantine.
Though if you want the truth, I do not mind.
I do not have to work each day as a machine,
The life I live is mine.

"But you'll never learn the essentials of life without school,"
Or at least that's what they say.
But to think that, you'd be a fool.
I've learned more at home than a week of class in just a single day.

It's not that school is bad,
But believe me, the system is.
We're all expected to be some spectacular hero or Olympiad,
A student's value is sadly based on a quiz.

This is the life we live for eighteen years,
Never up to standard, pushing ourselves too far.
We become disheartened by being compared to our peers,
All the youth are depressed. Can you blame them? How bizarre!

Trust me, I know, this is a tough pill to take.
But we are human too, and it's OUR future we will create. 
So no longer base our worth on a standardized test of which you make,
But adults, please listen. Allow me to illustrate--

My worth is not a test, nor an essay,
And surely not a score.
My worth is how I treat others, go my own way,
And how I always strive for more.

I assure you I am capable;
I know what's best for me.
Don't think because of my age that I'm breakable,
Watch me soar, and you'll see.

My worth is more than you could ever grade,
And I hope that soon you will know.
These words of which I now convey,
Will prove that our generation will glow.

Instead of lecturing listlessly,
Help aid us in our growth.
Through different ways, we will show our brilliancy,
Because we have a little magic on our side-- a little trick called hope.



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